"Mr. Medi Mouse"

Letter from the Inventor

My name is Perry Marc Perlman, the inventor of Mr. Medi Mouse. Approximately 10 years ago 

I had been experiencing throbbing pains and tingling in my left hand and wrist.  After experiencing these frequent tingling, throbbing pains, and numbness in my arm, I decided to visit my brother Neil, who is a Orthopedic Surgeon, located in Sherman, Connecticut. My brother Neil, after examining me, told me that I was experiencing the affects caused by a medical condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, also known as CTS. 

I told Neil that almost every morning in recent weeks, I would find myself shaking my left hand and wrist, vigorously, just to try and get rid of the tingling and throbbing pains in my hand and wrist. After my meeting with my brother that morning, it was not to long before I had no other choice at the time, but to “go under the knife”, as the saying goes. 

 I soon found out from both my physician brothers, that Carpal Tunnel surgery was only considered a minimal invasive surgery. Never the less, it was soon after speaking to my brother Neil, that a qualified C.T.S. specialists would be cutting my palm area of my hand and wrist, and exposing the tendons going to my fingers, as well as  the median nerve. You see, with the median nerve being squeezed and stressed, while sharing this tight space with the finger tendons, will most eventually result in that person realizing the precursor to CTS  or soon after experiencing the full affects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In my case, I was told by the operating surgeon, I had aggravated the median nerve in my left wrist to the point that CTS was causing the tingling sensations, as well as the throbbing pains I was experiencing in my hand, wrist and arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause numbness, stiffness, pains in the fingers, hand and arm, as well. 

The symptoms tend to be worse at night and may disturb your sleep, but you may notice it most when you wake up in the morning. Hanging your hand out of bed or shaking it around will often relieve the pain and tingling,for a short while. In most cases this condition is associated with the work place, when using a computer mouse for several hours each day. Using your computer mouse for entertainment, such as Computer Game Player's do, after playing with their computer mouse for several hours each day, can be the cause for the affects of C.T.S. and all of the throbbing pains, tingling sensations as well as numbness in your hand and wrist.  

I joined with the other several millions of people here in the U.S., who already went under the knife and had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery, and looked forward to a future without the pains in my hand, wrist and arm. It was going to be almost 2 months before I would be able to fully return to work as a licensed General Contractor, here in sunny Florida. In past years my job in the construction industry required of me to have the full use of both my hands and  wrists. Eventually, the surgery did resolve my C.T.S. issues for the next three years , when once again I started experiencing the same tingling in my left hand, and throbbing pains in my left wrist and arm. It was at that returning painful period of time I decided to do something about preventing CTS from returning, causing me once again to experience the negative affects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I eventually designed and created Mr. Medi Mouse, I finally created a health tool that will not only be the pain solver for me, but also for the millions of other CTS sufferer's here in the U.S. 

Mr. Medi Mouse is a true winner for me here in the U.S. and the many more millions of CTS sufferer's throughout the world. Mr. Medi Mouse, my newly created ergonomically designed, computer mouse, especially designed for C.T.S. and Computer Gamer Sufferers "is" the right answer to your pains and aches. 

Since the past few years now I have no problem using my left hand and wrist, and I give all of the credit to my Mr. Medi Mouse prototype, I created and officially Patented, in order to protect this wonderful product,

Since that experimental period, with the professional help from my two physician brothers, Doctors, Neil and Dean, we finally designed and created what we believe is the perfect tool, the perfect computer mouse, that will provide the relief, if not the cure, for the millions of computer mouse users and computer game players suffering from the onslaught of C.T.S.

Two and a half years ago. we filed for a U.S. Utility Patent as well as a U,S. Registered Trademark  for our doctor mouse logo. We recently achieved that goal and received an approved USPTO Registered Utility Patent for Mr. Medi Mouse, along with the protection for our logo, doctor mouse.

The U.S. Patent number for Mr. Medi Mouse is  # 9,927,890 B1

According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CTS affects millions of people in this country, on a yearly basis. In fact, in the past few years more than 400, 000 of  CTS surgeries, performed each of the past few years, in the USA, alone. Also, my research discovered the that there are as many as 7 million people, here in the USA alone, that are presently suffering from either the precursor to CTS or full blown Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most of these millions of people now experiencing severe hand, wrist and arm pains, have been trying to avoid CTS surgery. "Mr. Medi Mouse" will be the only computer mouse that will help prevent, and possibly eliminate you experiencing the aches and pains caused by CTS, and allow you to continue working and provide an income for your family.  

We definitely have the answer and hopefully the solution for your problem, Think, "Mr. Medi Mouse".

For the past few years I have been using my custom designed  “Mr.Medi Mouse”, which is comprised up of a custom designed telescoping wrist and hand support, accompanied with a specialized gel pad, for the users comfort. Combining the custom designed hand and wrist support, with a high quality computer mouse, makes Mr. Medi Mouse a computer mouse miracle. that will make the difference in your life.  Just think of it,  the winners will not only be the people now suffering from CTS, as well as their family members, but the biggest financial winner's will be the Health Insurance Industry, who will be realizing almost immediately, the billions of dollars they would be saving, avoiding any surgeries and costly therapy sessions.

Would you agree, that by all of the Health Insurance Companies paying for "Mr. Medi Mouse", that will sale for under $99, will save the Health Insurance Companies and their stock holder's billions of dollars each year, due to "Mr. Medi Mouse"?

Possibly there will be no need for the thousands of  surgeries and therapy sessions. majority of CTS sufferers having Carpal Tunnel surgery, followed by costly therapy sessions? For the present 7,000,000 people now feeling the pains associated with CTS, Why be in pain any longer, start using your Mr. Medi Mouse?

Please contact us at your earliest, so that we may have the opportunity in answering any of your questions

Thank you for showing your interest in "Mr. Medi Mouse"

Creator of "Mr. Medi Mouse"

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